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A passion for health has been rooted in me since I was young and has grown substantially as an adult.


My interest in health and wellness began in my childhood. My father was a Doctor of Osteopathy and he emphasized the "health" in healthcare and prevention was a very important part of his practice. As a young adult, I spent some time working in his practice and engaged with his clients. I enjoyed it so much, I ended up working in healthcare. I became a respiratory therapist and really enjoyed my work. 


I anticipated furthering my education while raising my three daughters, however, a chronic illness prevented me from doing so. The illness took over most of my life and I realized that I had to make my health a priority. During this journey, I came to understand that western medicine alone would not "cure" me. Luckily, I met a physician who believed in treating the "whole being" and through a combination of eastern and western medicines, as well as dietary and behavioral changes, I, once again, found health.

After I overcame the illness, I was motivated to help others with their health. I finished my degree in psychology and enjoyed learning about mental health and its effects on our body. I specialized in working with children with autism and adults who have experienced loss, but once again I had a desire to increase my knowledge in physical health. My passion for health and wellness led me to pursue a degree in Functional Medicine Health Coaching through FMCA.


I am able to implement what I have learned in psychology and health coaching as well as my own experiences in my work. I am a firm believer that our mind and body are connected, which has become the root of my practice. I have found my CENTER POINTE and enjoy helping others to find and hold onto theirs. 


I look forward to helping you find your CENTER POINTE for whole health so you may live well throughout your life. 



Phone: 414-688-1617

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